Golden Ba-Gua Mirror

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Positive Energy Flow Golden Ba-Gua Mirror
Help bring positive energy flow to your home or office. The Ba-gua Mirror is a protective tool used in Feng Shui to deflect and diffuse negative energy (also known as Sha Qi). It consists of a mirror, surrounded by eight trigrams (see images). These Ba-gua mirrors have the colors red, green and gold surrounding the flat mirror. In Feng Shui, each color is symbolic, having different purposes; Red – Represents summer, illumination and growth: Green – Represents spring, creativity and vigour: Gold – Represents late summer, productivity and success.
Examples of common Sha Qi found in homes can includes infrastructures or landscapes in front of your home or business front door.

Dimension: 5″ W x 0.5″ x 5″ H
Color: Red, Green, Gold


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Dimensions 4 x .5 x 4 cm

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    “I used the mirrors as intended and the results have been fantastic!”

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